Rules are Rules

by Dean Scott

In the not too distant future a man attempts to get his extremely ill girlfriend to hospital, only to be hampered by a bureaucratic rule following computer.

The Cast

  • Liam Christopher T Harris
  • Sarah Tracey Goddard
  • PIP Robert Harper

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by Dean Scott

About the Writer

Dean Scott started his creative life producing music, some of which found its way onto BBC Radio 1 and Radio Wales, as well as running a small record label. New to writing he is currently studying for an MA in scriptwriting at Aberystwyth University after gaining a degree in International Politics. He has various projects in the works including a horror film set in the 1840s South Wales Valleys, a horror radio play, he is developing a criminal television drama, and working on a stack of other film and TV ideas. He would like to write genre scripts that deal with political and social issues and the effects such issues have on ordinary people.