The Surge

by Tracey Goddard and Julie Grady-Thomas

Margo awakes from her coma, can she finish what she started?

The Cast

  • Margo Sian Taylor
  • Nurse Evans Heledd Baskerville
  • John Jim Finnis
  • Dr Glower Christopher T Harris

Listen to The Surge
by Tracey Goddard and Julie Grady-Thomas

About the Writer

Tracey Goddard is currently studying on the Scriptwriting for Screen and Radio Masters Degree scheme. This is the first piece where she has had written input; co-writing with Julie Grady Thomas.

Julie Grady Thomas is an American journalist, comedian and scriptwriter living in Wales. Her work has appeared in such American publications as Pulse, Foodies of New England, The Worcester Telegram & Gazette, The Item and The Auburn News as well as the international publications La Nouvelle République and Julie is also the author of 20 Artists of Worcester, a collaborative exploration of American artists and their studios. Last fall she made her theatre debut with Death of a Traffic Warden in the Aberystwyth Writing for Performance Group's showcase Town With No Traffic Wardens. In 2012, Julie placed in the top 100 of the prestigious screenwriting competition the Red Planet Prize, but she's currently working on the feature film Broken Boys as well as her one-act play Cookhouse, which will have its debut in Autumn 2013 in Aberystwyth. Keep an eye out for her stand-up and a collaborative web series that should hit the web within the next year!